About Us

Located in Titusville, Florida, Industrial Steel (ISI) has been an industry leader in structural steel fabrication and erection since 1965. As a woman-owned business, certified by the State of Florida, ISI builds strong relationships through our personalized service and mission to provide exceptional client experiences.

ISI is an AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) Certified structural steel fabricator with an 80,000 square foot fabrication facility, equipped with modern CNC equipment. We fabricate and install structural steel along with miscellaneous metals, including stainless and aluminum, which provides a complete package for our clients. Our on-site, full-time quality assurance team ensures superior products are delivered on time, every time.

We service all industries, including education, healthcare, entertainment, government, commercial, and more. Our extensive range of clientele allows us to build the schools your children attend to the entertainment venues your community enjoys. ISI achieves project success through passion and experience.

As a family-owned and operated organization, ISI’s committed and unified leadership fosters a growth mindset; this mindset is a defining attribute of our company’s culture. Our enthusiasm for growth is reflected in our projects; we excel at tough jobs. Industrial Steel tackles projects that many steel shops do not have the capability or desire to execute. Our dedicated team of fabricator professionals is behind our growth and reputation.

Our Mission Statement