Waterside Town Place

Client: Willis Smith Construction
Owner: Schroeder – Manatee Ranch
Description: Waterside Place in Lakewood Ranch is in-progress for our client, Willis Smith Construction. This project is scheduled to be completed in 2020, and will have 100,000-square-feet of retail, restaurant and office space, as well as hundreds of apartments, all within walking distance of the largest of Waterside’s seven lakes.

Waterside Place will be at the heart of the new Waterside community, south of University Parkway, and east of Interstate 75 where more than 5,000 homes are planned.

Just as Lakewood Ranch Main Street became the heart of the Manatee County portion of Lakewood Ranch, Waterside Place is expected to become the heart of the Sarasota County portion.

But its mix of dining and entertainment attractions are expected to make it a destination for residents and visitors well beyond Waterside.